Multifunction straightener for decking and weatherboarding.

Effortlessly straightens, tightens and keeps in place deck boards and weatherboarding.


  • 1.Ergonomic handle
  • 2.Clamping trigger
  • 3.Unlocking lever
  • 4.Pivoting jaw
  • 5.Spring
  • 6.Fixed jaw


  • Two tools in one. Straightener and board clamp.
  • Significant force applied progressively and without effort.
  • Self-blocking lock to free up hands.
  • Adjustable depending on the width of the boards.
  • Allows to tighten until the last board.
  • Compact for use in the most cramped locations.
  • Ergonomic and adapted to left- as well as right-handed people.
  • Suitable for all types of wood and composites.
  • Comes in a case.

NÖVLEK straightener and board clamps® was designed to provide installers with a solution adapted to their specific needs and their concern for efficiency, quality and productivitý.

A single hand is all it takes to hold and operate the tool. The large trigger allows to progressively apply, with reduced effort, a major thrust on the edge of the board.
Locking is auto-blocking, which allows to worked hands-free as soon as the board is in the desired position. Pressure on the unlocking lever unlocks the tool and allows to remove it.


Its ergonomic handle allows for easy and natural access to the clamping trigger and firing trigger.
Its compactness and lack of rotating lever allows to use it in the majority of scenarios, even in tight spaces or spaces close to a wall.

Since it does not rest on a sleeper, it allows for straightening or tightening to the last board.
The tool is suitable for use with the majority of board widths. The use of a rub block (not supplied) makes it even more flexible for the installation of narrow boards. It is used for the installation of decking as well as for horizontal or vertical weatherboarding. NÖVLEK board clamp® can even be used to keep the edge boards in place before being secured.



Spacing of the jaws (min-max) 260 mm-420 mm
Minimum spacing between boards 3 mm
Overall length (closed) 404 mm
Overall length (open) 412 mm
Overall width 196 mm
Height 199 mm
Weight 2.4 kg
Total weight (with case) 3.8 kg


Delivered in a case with three 3-mm, 5-mm and 7-mm spacer wedges.