Square Clip

Universal fastening pedestal for wooden decks.


Square Clip is a revolutionary yet simple, efficient, universal and hidden system for the installation and assembly of wooden decking and flooring. Square Clip pedestal fasteners allow to secure the tiles to each other and to separate them from the ground for a longer service life. The Square Clip was devised and designed in order for anyone to be able to install it easily and quickly.

The Square Clip is made up of two parts:
• High-resistance polymer composite base
• Four elastomer assembly nipples that fit into the base.

With the base of the Square Clip, users have a precise drilling template to perfectly position the holes necessary to clip the fasteners, under the slabs.

  • 1. Ventilation and water drainage ducts
  • 2. Cutting guides
  • 3. High-resistance polymer composite base
  • 4. Spacer and positioning wedges
  • 5. Screwing marks
  • 6. Removable elastomer assembly nipples

Fast and easy to install.

All it takes is a drill.

Assembly nipples for each Square Clip pedestal fastener are inserted into openings drilled into the four corners under the tiles.

  • 1. The Square Clip fastener serves as a template to make holes on top of the tiles and guarantee their perfect position.

The assembly and dismantling of the tiles becomes child’s play.

The tiles are assembled at regular and constant 5-mm intervals.

As easy to dismantle as it is to install, the Square Clip pedestal fastener Provides the option to the user to modify or reorganise the tile assembly for their decking or flooring. Tiles are easily and rapidly dismantled or replaced seasonally. With Square Clip, it is no longer necessary to frame the tiles with a strip or surround. What is more, all the tiles are spaced regularly and constantly for a superior overall effect.

1. Integrated spacer wedge.

Square Clip can be placed on or screwed directly into its support.

Innovative design for exceptional ease and speed of installation.

Square Clip pedestal fastener is directly placed on or screwed into any surface or level support (concrete floor, wooden or metal sleepers, adjustable pedestals, rubber pads, etc.).


17 marked screw holes integrated into the pedestal.

The base of the Square Clip pedestal features a set of pre-marked screwing/drilling holes in order to facilitate installation.


1. Screwing into pre-marked holes.


2. Screwing marks.


The tiles are never in direct contact with the ground.

In order to guarantee greater longevity for the wooden tiles, the Square Clip pedestal is designed to prevent the tiles from being in extended contact with a source of moisture.

With the Square Clip pedestal fastener the tiles are never in contact with the ground.

What is more, thanks to its drainage channel system integrated into both sides, the Square Clip prevents any stagnating water, allows for its drainage as well as air flow that guarantees proper cross-ventilation under the tile.

  • 1. The tile is separated from the ground.
  • 2. Ventilation and water drainage ducts
  • 1. Removable injected elastomer assembly nipples.
  • 2. Moulded base in high-resistance polypropylene.

2 materials to guarantee perfect functionality.

Extreme résistance and unfailing absorption capacity.

Square Clip pedestal fastener is made up of two parts. Base in high-resistance polypropylene composite resin. Four elastomer assembly nipples that clip into the base. The base, which is highly rigid and robust, is able to support heavy loads. Elastomer allows for the tightening of the assembly nipple in the hole drilled under the tile.

Its flexible composition prevents the nipples from breaking thanks to controlled flexibility, whilst retaining sufficient rigidity to ensure a perfect fit in the tile.

The flexibility of the nipples also allows to absorb the natural movement of the wood.

The Square Clip is perfectly hidden.

The tile fully covers the Square Clip.

The Square Clip pedestal fastener is easily halved or quartered using a simple cutter for corner or perimeter connections. Cutting can take place before or after the spacer wedges depending on whether they need to be saved (for example, if the tiles are installed against a wall) or remove them for perfect unobtrusiveness.

  • 1. Cutting guide.
  • 2. 1/2 Square Clip pedestal installed on perimeter without spacer wedges.
  • 3. 1/2 Square Clip pedestal installed on perimeter with spacer wedges.

The Square Clip for near-universal use.

  • Can be used with or without nipple.
  • Can be placed directly on the ground or on an insulating rubber pad, on bituminous surface, on wooden or metal sleepers, on an adjustable pedestal, etc.
  • Adjusts to nearly all types of duckboards and full or slatted tiles, made of wood, bamboo, composite, etc.
  • Adjusts to all tile sizes.
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Can be used with overall height restrictions.


Dimensions & Specifications

Base Lugs
square-base square-tete
Material Polypropylene loaded High resistance Elastomer High hardness
Colour Black Black
Colour Anti-reflection Anti-reflection
State of surface Yes Yes
UV resistance Excellent Excellent
Resistance to high temperatures Excellent Excellent
Weight 49 g 2 g


Position of holes under the slab