Exceptionally efficient with the hardest of wood species.

  • 1. SPAX ground serrations
  • 2. CUT SPAX point
  • 3. Ground serrations
  • 4. Small raised head
  • 5. Torx T15 SPAX T-STAR plus
  • 6. Solution-dyed “Antique” brown
  • Exclusive: developed by the world leader SPAX® jointly with ARCHI WOOD, the screw is exclusive to HardWood Clip® and other NÖVLEK fasteners®.
  • Stainless A2 II: stainless steel, manufactured in Europe, of exceptional quality, with anti-friction coating and very high anti-corrosion protection.
  • CUT SPAX point very precise positioning of the screw, allows screwing without pilot hole (refer to our installation instructions) and effectively reduces splitting of the wood.
  • Small head: designed in order not to damage the side of the board, it guarantees both maximum discretion and high mechanical resistance.
  • Torx T15 SPAX T-STAR plus TORX T-STAR plus drive was designed by SPAX® to guarantee the optimal housing of the bit, without cam-out effect, promoting optimal torque transfer.
  • Screw thread with SPAX ground serrations: guarantees rapid and secure screwing.
  • “Antique” brown colour: stainless steel is solution-dyed during the screw’s manufacturing process. Guarantees maximum discretion and considerably reduces light reflection or sun rays.
  • MULTI head with ground serrations: slows down the screw when it is hits the fastener’s stainless steel reinforcement.
  • ETA-12/0114: self-tapping SPAX screws® have received European Technical Approval.
  • Made in Germany: the screw is manufactured in Germany, as are all SPAX products ®.

Torx T15 SPAX T-STAR plus

Optimal housing for the bit and best guidance.
  • High adjustment precision.
  • High hardness.
  • Perfect transmission of the screwing torque.
  • Long service life.

Small head.

Designed for NÖVLEK fasteners® in order to ensure optimal tightening, whilst guaranteeing maximum inconspicuousness and lack of damage to the sides of the boards.


Box with 100 screws.

includes 1 50-mm bit T15 T-STAR plus.