Bituminous strip

Protection for sleeper, battens and beams



  • Protects sleepers against run-off.
  • Creates sealing joint between boards and sleepers.
  • Prevents water from being trapped between boards and sleepers or from seeping into the gaps between sleepers.
  • Avoids moisture rising in the wood.
  • Considerably reduces acoustic resonance linked to impacts on the wood (noise made by steps, etc.).
  • Reduces the squeaking of the wood.
  • Provides additional comfort thanks to its shock-absorbing properties.
  • Makes sleepers and rafters invisible between boards.

Three-layer rip-proof membrane for perfect protection.

Flexible leak-proof membrane consisting of a polyester reinforcement covered by elastomer bitumen.

The polyester reinforcement makes the membrane rip-proof and guarantees its dimensional integritý as well was full and perfect contact surface between boards and sleepers, even in hot weather, contrary to the majority of protective strips, whether bituminous or not, which easily rip or lose their thickness when exposed to hot weather, and therefore make them inefficient.

70 mm x 16 m

Thickness: 2.4 mm bande-large
  • 1. Elastomer bitumen
  • 2. Polyester reinforcement
  • 3. Elastomer bitumen

Protects sleepers against water.

bande-large 1. Water drainage

Better durability than wood.

Service life has proven to be more than 30 years*.

* In accordance with manufacturer’s specifications.

Fast and easy to install.

A few staples is all it takes.

A few staples or nails widely spaced are sufficient to keep them in place before installing the boards. Its relative rigiditý allows it to be installed naturally in line with the sleeper, which makes its installation fast and easy.

Advantages of the staple tape.

The use of the NÖVLEK bituminous staple tape ® allows to considerably reduce the amount of waste generated compared to self-sticking strips whose endless metres of protective paper must be removed before they are blown away by the wind. The staple tape can be applied without problems, regardless of the condition of the sleeper surface. On the other hand, the installation of self-sticking strips is made difficult due to the protective paper that lies around on the ground, underfoot and therefore hampers progress.



70 mm x 16 m