At NÖVLEK® we design and manufacture cutting-edge products and accessories for the construction of wood decking and weatherboarding. Our products are developed to stand the test of time but also to make the life of users easier.Permanent innovation as well as uncompromising requirements allow to constantly improve our products’ performance.We endeavour to push our own boundaries as well as those of our suppliers every day, in order to continuously redefine new reference standards for the products we manufacture.

Our aim is not to develop the most efficient products just for the fun of it, but because we are familiar with the difficulties you may have to face during the construction of wooden decking or weatherboarding. Thanks to our expertise and many years’ of experience, we are also familiar with the requirements and constraints linked to the specific properties of each hardwood species and its behaviour over time. We know that it is just as important to you to use products that are fast and easy to install as to be assured of the long-term stability of the completed structure, notably due to its reliability and durability.

Our products make that difference and provide you with those guarantees. We never compromise on quality or performance.


100 years of experience

Our exclusive and special partnership with the German screw manufacturer SPAX®, a world leader, enables us to provide our customers and the users of our products, with more than 100 combined years of knowledge, experience and know-how in the field of fastenings for wooden constructions. Our superior, high-tech screws are designed and developed together with SPAX®, specifically and exclusively for our products and applications.

Manufactured in certified factories.

All our products are manufactured in modern European factories, with ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 or similar certification using the most efficient production tools and equipment in order to guarantee the highest quality standards.


Products subjected to lengthy tests.

Fastenings for wooden decking and weatherboarding are subjected to high mechanical and physical stresses at the time of their installation, but also throughout their lifetime. The use of increasingly powerful tools, of highly dense and hard species for the deck boards and the structure, external stress of any type.

The wood itself puts the fastenings through the mill every day. Successive swelling and shrinking, internal tensions, sudden hygrometric variations are factors that permanently affect each fastening.

It is therefore critical that the fastenings be subjected to tough and stringent tests.

Firstly in the lab. We work with the best testing laboratories and institutions in France and Belgium to guarantee that our fastening systems comply with the requirements laid down in standards and existing regulations in force.

On site. Our products are tested, installed and pushed to the limit by our international testing team made up of demanding professional artisans who permanently assess all their aspects: ease-of-use, speed, functionality, quality, soundness, resistance, behaviour and stability over time but also quality of the end result. Tests are carried out in various environments and in all manner of climate and weather conditions. From polar winters in northern Europe and Canada to the extreme heat and salty air of the Caribbean and Pacific islands.

Products that are truly adapted to the conditions on site.

Our international testing team as well as our closeness with our customers and artisans represent our ultimate source of inspiration. It is thanks to them and to our high requirements that we constantly push creative and technological boundaries that enable us to develop and design the very best products, perfectly adapted to the conditions on site and to the installation of the most extravagant structures, designed by architects.

Given that our testing team uses our products on a daily basis, it also informs us of tricks, advice and new applications that we share with you through our documentation.

Our commitment to local and European production.

It is ARCHI WOOD’s mission to design and offer high-quality innovative products beyond reproach. The success of our products is based on the trust of our customers and users with whom we keep a close relationship.

In the context of the increasing globalisation and relocation of manufacturers, quality and traceability are at the heart of the transparency that we aim to provide to our customers.

Beyond market requirements, ARCHI WOOD assumes its social and economic responsibilities and finds it necessary to communicate on the origin and quality of its products and on its support to European and local production.

Our Made in Europe products and components represent first and foremost a quality guarantee, but also actively take part in the preservation of employment in our country and in the European Union in compliance with social and environmental standards.

Today, ARCHI WOOD, a player committed to sustainable development, endeavours to extend this commitment to the identification of the origin of its products and components.

Our products’ and brands’ reputation relies, first and foremost, on our products quality, uncompromising efficiency and reliability. Our approach falls within the scope of a permanent process of progress.