4 reasons why wood is king

Wood decks add value to your home by creating a wonderful new space where you can enjoy pleasant weather. Whether you opt for a terrace, a patio or a garden: the choice of materials will influence the experience. Let’s have a look at the numerous assets when choosing wood.

NaturalWood connects us with nature

Wood is an eco-efficient renewable resource that naturally stores carbon. Wood products can be reused, repaired, recycled and recovered. Compared to other building materials such as composite, wood requires less energy to manufacture. Even architect Michael Green’s words “Wood gives Mother Nature fingerprints’ don’t do this magnificent material justice.

DesignWood goes hand in hand with design

Because wood blends nicely with the natural elements of the outdoors, it’s great for creating a design with a natural flair. The warm and pleasant feeling of wood underneath your feet is unlike that of any other material, and it gains more character with the passage of time.  Composite on the other hand, never gets that beautiful weathered colour and will feel extremely hot on a sunny day.

Sustainability Wood lasts for decades

If you choose the right materials and build them well, wooden decks are incredibly durable. They have a high strength-to-weight ratio, making them superior againstheat, sound and electricity. Oxidation, acids… wood resists them all. A deck made of 100% wood will always offer these advantages, while composite comes in different levels of quality…

Well-beingWood improves your well-being

It is known that exposure to wood boosts your health and well-being. It lowers your stress levels and encourages social interaction. Not to mention the fact that wood – as opposed to composite – is the principal material in Finnish saunas, famous for their physical and mental health benefits.

Are you thinking of welcoming wood into your home or garden? Our Növlek team is ready to help you choose the material and the concept that suits your every need. Managing your project from start to finish and guaranteeing your peace of mind with a wooden deck that will last many years, is exactly what our team knows best.