PRO building site box

A new generation installation kit

27-m XXL kit2, complete and ready for use.

  • 1. Compartment for bits and drills
  • 2. Spacer wedges
  • 3. Plugs
  • 4. Ergonomic handle
  • 5. Screws
  • 6. Fasteners
  • 7. Anti-scratch pads in order not to damage the wood when the box is moved
  • 8. High-resistance plastic material

For exceptional mobility on site.

This new generation installation kit is designed to provide easy access at all times to all of its contents with dedicated compartments.

Its resistance, ergonomics and functionalities guarantee exceptional mobility on and off site.



Intelligent box for maximum efficiency.

With its numerous compartments, its removable cover, ergonomic handle and anti-scratch pads, the PRO on-site box guarantees perfect job organisation by having everything to hand at all times.


The greenest of kits to reduce environmental impact and waste generation.

The PRO on-site box reduces the amount of packaging to a minimum.

It has been studied to eliminate all superfluous packaging that unnecessarily adds to the amount of waste to be removed from the construction site.

It can, furthermore, be reused as a tool or storage box.



An option for extreme mobility and perfect storage outside the construction site.

The PRO on-site box is compatible with the famous Systainer® II.

Combining both guarantees exceptional mobility, safety during transport and perfect storage.

Dimensions & Specifications

Box Cover
Material High Impact Polypropylene Polypropylene
Colour Green Clear
Weight 474 g 180 g