Complies with the most stringent technical requirements.

NÖVLEK products® are developed to withstand the test of time but also to make the life of users easier. Each component is carefully studied and its manufacture relies on the best materials and most advanced technologies.

Permanent innovation as well as requirements without compromise allow to constantly improve performance to provide users with products that suit their needs, that are easy to install, efficient, reliable, durable and guarantee the long-term stability of the finished product.

Among the products in the NÖVLEK range®, the hidden HardWood Clip fastening system® was designed for outdoor use, in the most extreme conditions and with the hardest of woods. Depending on the type of structure, throughout its lifetime the fastening must withstand numerous constraints and stress, generated notably by the wood itself, climate conditions (heat, frost, humidity, etc.) but also its environment (pollution, etc.).

That is why we have undertaken a voluntary technical evaluation process of our HardWood Clip fastening system® in order to check and vouch for its compliance with regulations and standards in force in France and Belgium, which guarantee the construction of a stable and perennial structure.

The technical assessment has been conducted by certified, independent and recognised organisations.


Complies with the NF DTU 51.4 standard.

HardWood Clip:® is the only hidden fastening system of its kind to have been assessed by an independent certified organisation (FCBA, Bordeaux), in compliance with the criteria of the NF DTU 51.4 standard. (building works outdoor wooden decking) on fastenings for wooden decking.

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Very stringent tests on resistance to uprooting and shearing off as well as stability and performance tests under highly variable humidity and board balance have been carried out on a stable species (Ipé) and an unstable species (Bangkirai) and have allowed to establish that the HardWood Clip fastening system® perfectly satisfies the requirements of the standard. The results and conclusions have been recorded by the FCBA in an assessment report.

ATG Technical Approval with certification.

HardWood Clip® is the only hidden fastening system to have secured a technical seal of approval with certification for wood assemblies (terraces and weatherboarding), delivered by the UBAtc (Union Belge pour l’Agrément technique dans la construction) after evaluation and approval by the CTIB (Centre Technique de l’Industrie du Bois).

Design Awards

HardWood Clip® also earned the famous and prestigious Red Dot Design Award and IF Product Design Award, during two of the most important design competitions in the world, to reward its design quality and innovation, with respect to shape as well as functionalities.